Ceiling fans designed for residential and commercial applications.


Energy efficient High Volume Low Speed fans.

SUMI Inkjet solutions

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Fujifilm CTP plate

High-quality plates with better reliability.

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Energy efficient ceiling fans for residential and commercial use.

Aeratron’s guiding principle is to create harmony between technology and the natural world through design approaches which benefit human environments and activity.

  • Designed for Efficiency and Beauty
  • Silence Inspired by Nature
  • Sustainable Technology


Energy efficient industrial ceiling fan.

Designed to offer an energy-efficient solution for large spaces.

  • It moves large amounts of air.
  • It cuts condensation and humidity.
  • It also promotes cleaner air due to better air circulation.
  • It cuts on electric bills by up to 30% if used with HVAC.
  • It also improves productivity.


SUMI Inkjet solutions
For the best print quality.

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Compatible with most of our EPSON digital proofers.